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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  September 5, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday morning in hd. >> welcome to 11 news sunday morning. >> first, let's take a look outside the meteorologist john collins with this great weather.
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>> this will never happen again. that is what we were thinking. this is nice especially after the summer we had. we had an awful winter. the summer was very hot. we are about to break a record here as far as 90's are concerned. this is perfect. we are in the right. to get some ice temperatures. current conditions come at the airport officially 67 degrees. a 45% humidity. 32 for the barometric pressure. west met -- west when that 9 miles per hour. the morning low this morning was 53 degrees which was a couple of hours ago. not a record. the record is 47 degrees. plausibly clout side with low humidity. -- pleasantly cold outside. details on the rest of the weekend coming up. >> a baltimore city family once
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just as one year after a loved one was murdered. he was fatally shot after visiting a friend. more on what is family is doing to keep his memory and a murder case alive. >> only those who have lost a child know what they're going through right now. >> it is tearing apart my heart. that was my only son. my only son. whacks it hurts even more when justice has not been served. >> that was my autistic child. everyone around here knows who killed my son. >> everyone may know, but no one is talking. 25-year-old jamaal was killed at this spot. they organized a the vigil saturday to keep his memory and his case alive. in >> but i hope is that everyone with heroes. it is not just us, but so many people crying out that they are trying to stop. >> they do not need to go far
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for stability. >> my son was shot 18 times. >> she had a son, too. >> the have not caught anyone yet. he is not here to be a part of this. i think about [unintelligible] there are so many things to think about. >> only so many things someone can do about the injustice these mothers are dealing with. right now, they hope gatherings like this send a message to those responsible for their pain. >> this has got to stop. they are taking people talk to children. >> that are taking people's children. they do not know what they're doing to people talk to families. >> they have sold half of the 148 murders. last year they sold about 60% of their 238 murders.
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at police headquarters, wbal-tv 11 news. family was praying for answers and just blocks away 15-year-old boy was shot in the face. if it happened on pennsylvania avenue. the victim was taken to a local hospital and at last check was in stable condition. police say an unidentified 20- year-old man was shot just after 10:00 p.m. friday night on baker street. he died later at shock trauma. >> a 17-year-old boy is behind bars charged with a deadly shooting. he was one of three suspects approached. 30-year-old eric hill as he sat in his car last month was shot. he tried to drive off and that is when he was shot. he will be charged as an adult with first-degree murder and armed robbery. >> the two-year-old boy pulled
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from a swimming pool, firefighters said they found the boy around 8:30 p.m. yesterday. the cardiac -- the charter was in cardiac arrest. fire officials say his injuries appeared to be life-threatening. >> a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill is on its way to national facilities for analysis. it took them almost 30 hours to lift the device from miles beneath the sea. brian moore has more. >> kreuz hoisted the evidence to the service -- surface. fbi agents were on hand to take custody of the failed blowout preventer which is expected to give them in sight on the disaster. >> i am pleased to announce that the unit was taken out and this does not cause a threat to the
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gulf of mexico. >> in new blowout preventer was due to be replaced on friday. crews will be able to seal off the record well for good. >> we will take the final step to plugged and abandoned. they will shift to the oversight of the department of the interior and the department of ocean and energy management. >> the leak was stopped in mid july but the cleanup will continue for a long, long time. for those demanding to know what went wrong commended answers may be emerging from the depths of the louisiana gulf. brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still had, the man charged with keeping food. if you have a question, e-mail us at >> how to survive in tumultuous financial times. our expert has answers next.
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>> we are in a sweet spot for
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>> your 11 insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> let's take a look at the hd radar. not very busy around here. this is closer to a weather disturbance in canada. a few showers coming off of lake ontario. to our south in north carolina, a few clouds over the water. that is about it. we have sunshine here this morning. we have some clouds on occasion yesterday. i do not think we both see as many today. it has drifted further to the northeast. we will be further away from that. let's take a look outside right now. there is the sunshine with blue skies. 67 at the airport and the inner harbor at 69. the low temperature this morning was 53.
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45% humidity so that number is dropping off. the barometer is rising now that the cool front and hurricane earl have moved further away. west winds at 10 miles per hour. any breeze today will be out of the west and northwest. it will not be as gusting as it was yesterday. let's take a look at the current temperatures. instead of seeing all kinds of different colors, we see greens which are the upper 60's near 70 degrees. in see green and changing to blew and blew which are the low 60's near the 50's. there is some cool air out there especially in the mountains. this is the cruelest we have seen in a while. the satellite image, some clouds to the south and some clouds associated with the disturbance
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in canada and what is left of earl over the maritime provinces. there is really the humid, tropical air. this will favor us with good conditions for the first part of the week here. we are on the cool side of the high. eventually the high will be centered over the eastern seaboard right along the coast. it will be on the warmer, more human side of its starting on tuesday. eventually tuesday the cold front in the montana will come in and change things once again. 75-79 for the high today. the ocean city forecast for a great labor day weekend. today and tomorrow, 80 degrees for the high and lots of sunshine. let's take a look at the insta- weather futurecast. the storm track is to the north. it will not be much of a
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rainmaker overall. we will keep that away with the high pressure. tomorrow, a high of 83 with low humidity. cool front coming in on wednesday. this will not water your lawn, really, but this is just a 20% isolated chance. the temperatures will then back off a little bit at the end of the week. >> up next some advice for investing in a bumpy market. >> from facebook, twitter, myspace, are you finding it hard to keep up with your child's online activities? we have tech tools to help you keep up. here is a that events going on around town. shuttling the kids around, i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck.
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>> in this morning the's "business report," new numbers on the banking industry and housing, but drawbaugh worries continue to bring down the mood. >> consumers expressed their confidence at the checkout line closely watched since spending is the main driver of the economy. a new survey shows consumer confidence is up slightly after two straight months of declines. job worries are dragging down the mood. >> until the job number starts to improve, that is when spending will start to heat up. >> with confidence solo and worries about where the labour market and where our pay increases will be, this pattern
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will continue. >> in an otherwise, market, a bit of good news. and now expired tax credit helped boost home prices in june. also, a mixed bag with u.s. banks posting their highest quarter earnings led by the largest institutions, but the number of banks at risk grew to more new 800, one-tenth of u.s. banks. the fdic chairman says standards are beginning to ease but london will not pick up until businesses and consumers increase spending and hiring. >> given economic certainties' -- uncertainties, we believe banks should continue to exercise caution. >> retailers gearing up for fall and holiday shopping are hoping consumers will spend. most are not banking on that. leann gregg, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> more on how to survive tumultuous times in the market. good morning to you, john. these are tumultuous times. what people do not know what direction to go or how to even begin to have some kind of plan for themselves financially. where do you begin in these types of times? >> the holy grail for financial planning is to implement, develop, and stick to a long- term game plan. it really should been that beacon of light to guide you through these times. >> we want to start with something that sounds a simple, to said, but a lot of people think they cannot because times are so tough. even a little bit is better than nothing. >> absolutely. even a little bit over time. in the future, we will look back on these days to have been a good time to purchase shares
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whether it be stocks or mutual funds that have been on sale for a long time. history will show this as a good time not necessarily to own shares but to be buying them. >> understanding the difference been long and short-term money. >> i call this know thyself. there is a difference to bring long-term and short-term money. there's a difference in how you will invest. the understanding that will raise your investment iq. >> do not play the market. what does that mean exactly? >> techniques to beat the market sound funny coming from a financial adviser, but these take on additional risks to try and beat the market. over time they get in trouble. >> a 401k is very important to keep investing in also start an ira. >> absolutely. i'm a firm believer that the 401k is the best way for the average person to say. the automatic discipline that
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goes with the time the contributions made a big difference. >> diversify. we say that three times because that is how important it is. keep things the first >> do not put all of your eggs in one basket. enron is the most famous example. over nine -- over nine you -- overnight you can lose everything. >> one of the things you think is the most important is to get the device. how do you know who to trust? >> good question. a lot of people are questioning here to trust for very the did but reasons. fortunately, there are some firms starting to create what we call a flat fee financial planning. it is a more client-centered approach that charges a flat simple fleet -- fee or financial advice. it does not require investors to
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move their money from one firm to another and as a result, it circumvents some of those self- serving issues that have popped up over time. >> great advice. thank you. coming up next, we have your sunday gardener. >> is not that beautiful? >> we will talk about hummingbirds. >> that is today on your sunday
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>> the morning and welcome to your sunday gardener. i'm john collins. we are out in the beautiful garden this morning that smells absence of the wonderful. >> they do a lot of work. they really like butterflies and hummingbirds. a lot of the plan to seek here will really droll hummingbirds in the garden. the butterflies are not quite here yet. this gets plenty of the plants that draw them like the edge in asia -- echinacea. glaxo and the addition to the flowers, they want that commercial ever. >> exactly. they will keep chasing each other in the sky. it is a bug fight in the sky. >> one that is attractive can go right under kitchen window.
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>> this is brand new. it has this suction cup with hummingbird food inside. what is cute about this is hummingbirds to not seem to be a father if there is glass right there. it is so cool to watch the little guys. >> and these four things, they could there be in there? >> exactly. some people have issues with these and -- bees and ants crawling in. here is a bee guard to keep them away. >> one thing you need to do is keep these things clean. >> yes, very clean. i know a lot of people that steep hummingbirds regularly, they tend to use one part sugar to four parts water and boil the mixture. they change it out about every other day. you do not want to get the
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hummingbird's sector. they do migrate from a generally about the end of october. but >> now is the time to experiment them. >> enjoy these extra hummingbirds, too. >> i hope next season you have more of these flowers. this is absolutely phenomenal. just to change the subject a little bit, we have some mail here. we would like to answer a letter. >> diane weston know how to keep her plants from dying of mold. one is when you have thoughts especially. you want to make sure they have good drainage. the excess water needs to escape. if it does not, you can get too much water and they will end up dying. here were made you have a wood deck or concrete, that the planters away from the ground and above the water to flow away.
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get some good potting mix. do not try to use that. >> is there something that could be molded that they think is mall? >> especially when you have a clay pot, you can see it gathering. that is from the water source. keep an eye for that. >> next week, -- this garden is a beautiful, i think we will come back. we will see and next sunday and we will see you next sunday on your sunday gardener. >> if you have a gardening question, -- you can also log on to our website, >> the time is 6:27 a.m. -- 8:27 a.m. e-mail us your questions.
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>> from these predators, find out how to keep your kids say online. >> this morning, we are now moving from the 50's into the 60's. your insta-weather + forecast for today and tomorrow and the week coming up is ahead.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news sunday
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morning in hd. >> welcome back. thank you for joining is. >> at our top stories in a moment, but first a look outside with john. >> temperatures in the 60's now and they will be climbing steadily during the day. though humidity and comfortable weather. there is still the disturbance up in canada. there are clouds down to the hearts of pennsylvania. we will probably see fewer clouds today. the key is the low humidity and the wonderful temperatures we will have. i will detail that coming up in your insta-weather forecast. >> time now for our sunday morning q & a. good morning. thank you for coming in. the status of eggs.
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what is the status of that recall? >> it is quieting down now. the fda finished their investigation in the iowa at the two companies that were involved. they have issued their reports on their findings. you can find those on essentially unless there are any new discoveries of contaminated eggs, this has certainly calmed down. i would not say we are out of the woods because that is asking for trouble, but we are more stable. >> consumers in maryland will see signs where grocers have said it is not our eggs. >> that is very easy. and manufacturers have a code number on every carton. it is a four digit number. the fda has published all of the numbers for the associated plants. simply book on your card not add
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to see what the code number is. it is one of the recalled numbers, you should not buy them. however, you should not find any in maryland. here in maryland, you have to be registered with the department of agriculture. then the plants of the recall list are registered to sell eggs in maryland. -- none of the plants on the recall list are registered to sell eggs here. which richard about the beef recalled. what is that about? >> same sort of issue. all food manufacturers with new coke, they tried to avoid contamination when you clean and make certain they do not do anything to introduce microbes into the few. there are marked everywhere, on your hands, on this desk. we try to keep them away. in this case, some got through. when the detective a thing like that, the product is recalled. >> here is the problem. some people pay attention to the
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recalls and some people keep this up in their freezer together. they may never have known that the meat or anything else has been recalled. what can you do to protect yourself? >> it really, pay attention. if we announce a recall, there's a reason why we did it. if you did not catch the details, we read a site called it will give you recalls on anything, but most importantly food. if you heard anything, you can go there and check. >> with all these recalls, it is becoming so common. is our food supply safe? the fda only has 925 inspectors nationwide. >> that is not much, but you
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have to remember all 50 states are working for the fda. we do here in maryland. our food inspectors go out and do inspections on behalf of the fda. this is besides our own routine ones. yes, they have a small number of inspectors, but you have to add in players around the state. >> so we should go good about our food supply? >> it is among the said this -- safest in the world. it is demonstrated to be one of the safest food supplies in the world. why are you hearing this so much lately? science and technology has changed. if you watch things like "csi," we can now be the same thing with microbes. once upon a time when you separate from salmonella, things have got a little more sophisticated and we knew which substrate. now when you talk to specialists, they can rattle off
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code numbers. that is part of the dna fingerprint of that particular outbreak and a contract that across the country through the computer networks. that is how they're put together. it is not that there are more outbreaks than there were, we are just better at detecting them. >> cook the food well. >> that normally works with most of the microbes. with a few of them like some of the e. coli strain,, that is one you really do not want to do anything with because the microbe reduces something that will make you sick. >> do not do it. >> it is simple. >> thank you for coming in. do not go away. here's a look at what is coming up on "meet the press."
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>> coming up, labor day weekend and the official kickoff for this year proxy campaign. can democrats do anything to improve the economy before november? what are the cost and benefits of the wars abroad. joining me is the senator from south carolina, lindsey graham, and the mannheim barack obama's successful campaign for the white house, david plouffe. we preview the greatest cam g
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>> york 11 insta-weather + forecast with your meteorologist john collins. >> here is a look at the view of the u.s. to see where the rain is. a few showers in new york state. a lot of shower activity in the gulf coast region. brains out ahead of the cold front out west. with the range in the dakota's
9:39 am
and kansas as well. we will be watching that in the middle of the week. let's look outside. lots of sun, beautiful blue skies. 67 at the airport. and a harbor 69. committed the town -- humidity down, barometer rising. we started out in the thick the's and it is now 67 indianapolis, cambridge 72. ocean city at 71. 59 parked in and 64 westminster. already hit 70 in friedrichs. a few clouds to the south with a little showers up in new york state. the area of high pressure is really overhead. that will be with us for a while. it will move to the east and start to allow some of the warm, humid here -- air in.
9:40 am
until then, we are in great shape. we have what is left of gaston. it has weakened considerably, but it is still a thing out there. all of the computer models indicate it will strengthen again and have for the caribbean over the next week and half or so. a slow mover and slowed redevelop. something to watch in the tropics. our own forecast, low humidity, sunny, 75-79 for the high. voters on the day, west wind at 10-15 knots with one or two foot shot. the insta-weather futurecast shows the storm track to the north of us and some on settled weather in the gulf coast region gives us some relief as conditions for the next day or so. tomorrow, 83 degrees, sunny skies, humid and harder on tuesday. maybe a shower on wednesday. every small chance in
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pennsylvania. hot and humid until the front counter than nice for the rest of the week. -- until the front comes through the end nice for the rest of the week. >> keeping up with the teens and their social life has always been a challenge for parents and it is becoming more challenging with the advent of social networking. we report on a new survey that details that challenge. >> the average facebook user has 130 friends. this indicates the numbers go much higher. >> they will tell you they have a 400, 500, 1700 -- 700 friends. they admit that 54% say they do not personally know all of those friends. that is one reason parents say they are among their child's's facebook friends even if their child is not crazy about it. >> given the choice, would you
9:42 am
unfriend their parents? they are more likely to unfriend mother because they are more likely to be the commenting culprit. >> 25% check the daily, 34% to at least once or twice a week. >> kids do not find bad guys, bad guys find kids. >> most parents say they have passed their child to unfriend someone. >> it is to enter early part of a teenager's live to ignore. >> half of parents surveyed think today are on top of it. nbc news. >> some parents monitor their kids online activity be simply -- by simply looking at things on their social networking sites.
9:43 am
there are on-line services to help parents. this is so important. there are so many people out there that are predators and you just do not know who your kids are dealing with. >> very true. as a parent, communication is the first and foremost thing. you have to talk to your child. you have to be involved. we it cannot always assumed they will make the right choices. the great. best buy is we have been -- the great thing at best buy is we have the geek squad. casperske makes it great internet security products that can be used to really help parents monitor usage. in here, parents have the ability to set up a separate accounts so the parent becomes the administrator, the child has
9:44 am
levels of authorization or approval. at a child is not getting good grades, mom and dad can go in and select times of the internet usage or monitor computer usage. >> wow. >> when it comes to chatting, parents have the ability to approve who they chat with or go back and check the reporting. so you really can control lot with the software. what are the reports telling you specifically about what a child is doing? >> you can have keywords. you can see where they have been. you can see how you have been chatting with. altogether, there are always new social networking being created. as a parent, you need to stay ahead of that. >> and the geek squad can help with that. >> some games that are out, even
9:45 am
though this looks like a very good game, you can plan on line with other people. you do not know who you are playing with. on the bottom of each game, there is a rating. just like the movies have ratings, games have ratings to help parents make educated decisions. >> and this one is e for everyone. and there is m for mature. >> if a child comes in to buy a game and they try to buy one of those, we ask for their idea. >> the software is how much? >> $79 and good for three computers. >> and this one is for mac users? >> when you purchase a mac, it is promoted it has very -- it is pre-loaded. they can really set it up and monitor the child's internet usage. >> of the same idea just for mac. great advice. thank you so much.
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up next, we will take you to the kitchen outside and>> welcome b.
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time for sunday brunch. joining us is a chef from primary. -- prime rib. >> thank you for having his back. we have two wonderful recipes we serve at the prime rib. you can find these on line and follow along. we have our grilled jumbo marinated shrimp. these can easily be done outside on the grill or inside in the kitchen. we have a marinade for the shrimp which is teriyaki, white wine, lemon juice and we marinate the shrimp for about three or four hours.
9:49 am
bemis extra virgin olive oil briefly on each side for 30 seconds on a hot grill. we service on a bed of a vase body rise -- basmati rice. it is a wonderful lowfat dish. it has no butter. the second item is our new york strip steak with dry aged prime rib. we use it with a coarse grindined black pepper. you can steer the size skillet or doing on the grill. -- sear this on a skillet. once this is cooked to your liking, we talked it with -- >> that is something with wine? >> is a reduction. take one, shallots, minced,
9:50 am
reduce it by half and use applejack brandy, spices you find online, and cook it down to this consistency. >> it looks like the consistency of watery cottage cheese. >> but it tastes better. it is wonderful. it freezes very well. you can cut it into little medallions. if you make too much, just freeze it. >> you can just turn it over and toss this with the glaze. it melts on the outside and gives it the actor coating. >> what else do you have on the plate here? >> here is horseradish which is a signature garnish at the prime rib. you can take a bite of that along with the stake.
9:51 am
>> wonderful. it smells good. i like the pepper cook into the meat like that. that is a tasty touch. we ran through this. we mentioned all of these recipes are online. if you would like a copy of today's recipe,, and click on "food." or you can send a self-addressed envelope. david, thank you for joining us from prime rib. >> we're celebrating 45 years of business in baltimore. we want to think our customers and guests. we are in
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>> 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> high school football is off and running this weekend. the interstate 95 classic had some great games. the baltimore area vs. washington, d.c., area had four games. we have highlights from three of them. let's kick things off as we look at spaulding. they are familiar foes. lots of stuff going on. beautiful inside and around. a 16-yard touchdown. spalding leading 14-6. robert washington on the screen. he keeps his legs churning and will not be denied. a 38-yard score sent the game into overtime. and the triple overtime, a key beekeeper. that is your -- a qb keeper.
9:55 am
loyola wakefield. working it through the air. making it look simple. seven-zero oil. -- 7-0 loyola. goodness gracious. bowling his way into the end zone. looking for floyd. why would you look anywhere else? but a gorgeous pitch and catch. the stags role from their knocking off loyola 45-31. the showcase game, both nationally ranked. their rise to the occasion. in the second quarter, those on touched 24 yards. 14-7. you can see the quarterback has scholarship offers already. 21-7. portia gets the take and the
9:56 am
six. like a 9/11 tour broke, gets the touchdown. 28-7 for the final. for much more on high school sports, log on to and click on "extra points." >> a great forecast. lots of sun and the lower humidity. just a little warmer. hot and humid tuesday and wednesday. then we get a break in the heat thursday, friday, and saturday. >> this is so good. thank you for coming in. thank you for joining us. "meet the press" is next. have a good one. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 news editorial. >> maryland is one of nine states recently awarded one of the federal government's raced to the top grant. kudos to the state superintendent of schools. governor o'malley and the delegation brought home to a defect million dollars for maryland students. -- brought home over $250 million. education officials will be working on revisions to the curriculum to ensure that all graduates are college or career ready upon registration. they will improve the technology infrastructure and performed -- and turnaround low performing schools. the federal program is aimed at
9:58 am
boosting student achievement, turning around the struggling schools, and improving the teaching profession. as one of the first to launch school accountability, the race to the top rat is a benefit of early reform efforts in maryland. this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can change the lives of maryland students. it is a great victory for the taxpayers and the students of maryland.
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